The Iowa State Dairy Association (ISDA) was chartered by the Iowa legislature in 1876. At this time the leading concerns of the association were breeding profitable cows, inducing farmers to use a silage program, improving the quality of butter and Bovine tuberculosis. These issues would continue to stay in the forefront for many years to come. The ISDA also played a major role in the fight to open a dairy school in Ames.

By the 1980′s the organization’s efforts had been idle in the industry. In 2001 the ISDA board began a restructuring effort to build the ISDA back into a successful and significant organization within the industry.

With the restructuring of the a new vision for the association was developed. In 2003 the association hired a staff member to re-organize and build the ISDA into an active voice representing the Iowa dairy producer. In 2006 another staff member was hired to assist with the existing position.

ISDA will provide the forum through which members of the dairy industry can help facilitate and implement policies that have a direct impact on dairy producers in Iowa. ISDA is dedicated to building a strong communication link between producers, consumers, legislators, and environmental organizations. Each contribution by its members insures this producer-driven group remains viable. This is important as you reflect on how valuable ISDA is in your life and your operation.

To succeed it takes a commitment by those who are truly passionate about the dairy industry and its future. That will be the strength of the ISDA.