A Message From the Board President

Larry Shover

Dairy farming in Iowa is a significant part of agriculture in our state. With nearly 1200 dairy herds and more than 213,000 dairy cows, our dairy farm families bring value to all of Iowa. Making sure these families survive and thrive is important not only to the dairy industry, but to many other organizations and communities who greatly benefit from dairy’s positive impact throughout the state.

The views of Iowa’s dairy farmers on many issues affecting them at a statewide level are covered in this policy booklet. This grassroots organization of dairy farmers has prepared this policy booklet as a resource for you. We encourage you to read through our policies and refer back to this booklet when making decisions regarding dairy farming.

Iowa’s dairy farm families are vital to our state. Our social and economic benefits are keys to Iowa’s agricultural success. A recent study of the economic impact of Iowa’s dairy industry reports a per-cow per-year impact of $23,445. That means that Iowa’s dairy industry has an economic impact of over $4 billion dollars per year. We are 1200 dairies strong and we want to ensure that dairy farming will be around for future generations of Iowans.

Larry Shover
Board President
Iowa State Dairy Association


A prosperous Iowa dairy industry that attracts a new generation of farmers and has a positive impact on local communities.


Iowa State Dairy Association is the unified voice and advocate for increased economic vitality of the dairy industry on behalf of Iowa dairy farmers.



The Membership of ISDA will continue to grow by increasing the number of Dairy Farmers to join ISDA and the retention of current Dairy Farmer members by showing the value of belonging and keeping them informed.


The development of intentional partnerships will be enhanced through efforts of showing Return on Investment by member engagement, policy development and cooperative efforts to move the Dairy Industry forward.

Legislative Action

The issues of the Dairy Farmer will be understood and supported by the legislature though the development of a legislative agenda that supports the economic growth and development of the state. Frequent, timely and concise communication on the Dairy Industry will be distributed to all Stakeholders.

2021 Iowa State Dairy Association Policies

Policy Feedback

Please review the ISDA Policy Book available below. If you have suggestions regarding current or future policy focus, please fill out the form and send your feedback.

    2021 ISDA Policy Book

    The Table of Contents for policies covered in the 2021 Iowa State Dairy Association Policy Book is shown below. The full policy book can be downloaded for review.

    Table of Contents

    Glossary of Abbreviations and Terms

    Iowa Dairy Policy

    Animal Health and Well-Being

    Importing Livestock
    Slaughter Law
    Forage Quality
    ISU Extension & Outreach
    Iowa Livestock Health Advisory Council (ILHAC)
    ILHAC Appropriations
    ISU Animal Health Research
    Foreign Animal Disease
    Johne’s Disease
    Stray Voltage
    Electric Transmission Lines, Solar Energy, & Wind Mills
    Drugs and Treatment of Livestock
    Embryo Transfer and Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing
    Ag Research Funding
    Nonambulatory Dairy Cattle Slaughter
    Animal Health & Well-Being
    Veterinary Diagnostics


    Public Education
    Producer Education
    June Dairy Month
    Iowa Dairy Story
    Post-Secondary Dairy Education
    Animal Well-being


    Environmental Issues
    Manure Application
    Iowa Environmental Protection Commission

    Food Safety and Nutrition

    Milk Vending
    School Milk Program
    Nutrition Education
    Imported Product Safety Standards
    Dairy Inspection
    Unpasteurized (Raw) Milk Marketing
    Genetically Modified Foods
    Food Banks and Pantries

    Market Development and Stabilization

    Beef Check-Off Program
    Dairy Check-Off Program
    New Market Development
    9-H Law
    Farm Programs
    Dairy Growth and Relocation
    Renewable Energy
    Supply Management Program
    Risk Management
    Producer Modernization Incentives
    Beginning Farmer Programs

    Milk Pricing

    Vertical Integration
    Foreign Competition
    Federal Orders


    Agricultural Technology
    Rural Iowa Initiative

    Product Standards

    Somatic Cell Count
    Minimum Standards
    Dairy Products Identity
    Dairy Product Standards
    Meat Product Identity
    Truth in Advertising


    Eminent Domain Exemption
    Labor Reform
    Uniform Regulations
    Separation Distances
    Right to Work
    Youth in Agriculture
    Iowa Fencing Laws
    Agricultural Structure Inspections
    Infrastructure of Roads & Bridges
    Waters of the United States
    Property Boundaries


    Property Taxes

    Position Statement on Labor & Immigration